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Bulldog Realty & Property Management is based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We also extend our services to other areas, such as New Jersey, The Carolinas, and Northeast Pennsylvania.

Our committed team of specialists is always here to assist in your real-estate and property management needs.

Providing Exceptional Real Estate Sales and Management Services

Do you need help with purchasing a new home, investment property, or a vacation getaway? Our experts are here to address your real estate needs.

Bulldog wants to help you achieve your long-term business goals through our wide range of real estate services. Managing real estate assets effectively has an impact on your bottom line.


A good working connection requires effective communication between buyers, investors, community managers, owners, and tenants.

We make sure to meet the demands of each party while increasing NOI (Net Operating Income) or ROI (Return on Investment), which will add value to your property.


We offer a personalized approach to your property search and management needs. We assist in creating a seamless plan from beginning to end, priding ourselves on transparency. This helps us maintain and achieve your end goal.

Execution and Adaptability

Our strategy in property management is to execute a personalized plan and adapt along the way.

End-to-End Strategy

We are here to provide in-house, 24/7 coverage for various properties. Our company also has access to a network of contractors and maintenance professionals.


What We Offer

Our staff is eager to help you achieve real estate success. We have a wide range of services, whether you're looking for a new home, investment property, a residential rental, or a seasonal vacancy.

Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales

Our real estate experts help clients with the search and sales processes. We also offer boutique service for first-time buyers, investment properties, or groups.

Residential Property Management

Residential Property Management

Our residential property manager will handle all the essential procedures from tenanting the building, including evaluating the neighborhoods, determining rental prices, and exhibiting the property to possible tenants.

We have seasoned sales professionals who cover all cities and the neighboring suburbs. Our entire staff is adept at negotiating and providing excellent customer service.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Our team executes integrated management and reporting services efficiently to you. We have the knowledge and skills that cover commercial, retail, and industrial rental properties.

Land Acquisition and Developing

Land Acquistion and Develooping

We are experienced in handling land approvals, engineering processes, site planning, purchasing land properties.

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Why Choose Us

Every client needs a unique combination of real estate services and experience. Our experts can offer insights into your specific property requirements.

Our interactions with tenants provide the landlord with a hassle-free experience for day-to-day tenant communications. We’ll act as a buffer for landlords who wish to be relieved of property management duties.

We handle end-to-end service with property construction, development, repair, and upkeep.

Extensive Experience in the Industry

Aside from understanding the industry thoroughly, our professionals are also known for their involvement in the community. We provide our skills, expertise, and dedication to ensuring that your property is effectively maintained.

Wide Range of Services

Our services are tailored to your requirement. We can take care of all aspects of your real estate endeavors, whether you are an investor or are considering becoming one.

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We think that every customer deserves to be represented by a competent agent. We ensure you're always prepared, whether drafting an agreement, restructuring a property, growing your network, or managing your success.

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